Meet the amazing fashion bloggers, Bec Watkinson and Rohma Malik. Take an insider’s view into the world of fashion blogging with this interview exclusive to Fashion Espresso.

I am going to start with Rohma Malik, a UK based fashion blogger who grew up in Scandinavia. Rohma decided to start blogging in 2012 due to her love of fashion and the way different cultures express themselves differently, “I always loved Fashion. And as I grew up in a mixed culture, it was fascinating to see how people express themselves and their heritage through their clothes.” One of the people who really inspired her was Dina Tokio as she used to watch her videos when she was new to YouTube, “It was the amount of confidence she had in herself that made me feel confident in me. So I really wanted to create a platform where anyone could come and feel inspired and most importantly good about themselves.” Although fashion was one of the main reasons that Rohma started blogging, she didn’t always know that she wanted to be involved in fashion, “I knew I wanted to do something creative. It seems that creativity is now fashion related.” Recently, I have been noticing more and more that Instagram has become one of the biggest platforms that bloggers use to express and promote themselves. When asked which out of her her actual blog and her Instagram blog is more important, Rohma replies, “Both are incredibly different. My blog is where I express my passion for writing and my Instagram is a visual diary of my love for creativity. I wouldn’t be able to pick one.” I think this is a lovely way to put it. “Initially, I didn’t take Instagram too seriously. However, once I knew I wanted it fashion orientated, it took me a month to gain 1000 followers. From then, it’s been going up – for which I am incredibly grateful.” I’m just going to say how impressive it is to gain a whole 1000 followers in only a month, which some of you will know if you have ever used Instagram as a platform other than for personal reasons. Rohma now has over 15k followers and this is hardly surprising due to her amazing and incredibly creative edits. You can tell that she is passionate for fashion just by looking at her Instagram or a few of her blog posts on The Style Cupboard. “Fashion is a medium of expression. It is an art. Fashion is a language of creativity and cultures and had the power of bringing the world together. Through it, people can understand one another.” Rohma gives a advice to a starting out bloggers: “If you want to blog, do it because you are passionate about it. It’s something that requires you to wear many hats and put in a lot of hard work (which may not always be rewarded). Collaborate as much as you can to build contacts and to get your content to reach a new audience. I’d also say pick a WordPress site because they’re the easiest to manage.”

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Now, I am moving onto Bec Watkinson, a style blogger currently working in Interior Design. Bec started blogging in October 2016 (not so long ago) because she realised that she had a lot of free time and loved playing around with different styles. Just like Rohma, Bec admits that she did not always know that she wanted to do something involved in Fashion, “I studied Interior Design at university so I have always been creative and I do have a current career in that but I would love to own my own clothing business. Just thinking about designing all the packaging gets me excited… maybe one day!” At first, when asked, Bec tells me that her Instagram is most important to her than her site, “I think I get most interaction through Instagram so I would say that’s the most important . If people like your style or what you’re doing then they will be more inclined to go to your blog.” But then she reconsiders, “Actually, I change my mind. My blog is as important as my gram feed. It’s important for them to be of the same level of quality.” She is also hoping to start a YouTube channel soon. Bec now has 2,300 followers on Instagram, which is very good seeing as she only started blogging less than a year ago. “I already had personal Instagram account which had about 500 followers already and I just continued to use that but deleted some photos I didn’t want there anymore. I’m seeing that the more I post and interact with other bloggers, I gain more interest.” Bec describes how her style has changed since she began blogging, “If would have asked me when I started blogging, I would have said I’m a fan of greys and black. I’m a colour freak now. In the morning I get funny looks walking to work because I’m the only one wearing anything colourful. I like to follow trends but I think it’s important to understand that if you like it and your making it your own then really just wear whatever you like.” She talks about her biggest difficulty being the voice in her head saying ‘that could be better’ but also about how much positivity that people give her when they comment on her posts. Bec gives advice to any starting out bloggers to ‘just do it.’ “If you’re happy with your content and are enjoying what you are doing then what can be better than that? I have met some really lovely people through doing this so that alone is worth it!”

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