Trend. It’s an everyday occurrence in our lives, especially (but not just) in the fashion and beauty industry. But the truth is, trend controls us. From the girl in the school playground to the retailers at your favourite fashion brands, trend influences people, for the worse or for the better.  But does trend take away individuality? If everyone is wearing the same shoes, does that take away the freedom to be unique?

Personally, I don’t think it does. You might like to call someone a follower for wearing Adidas shoes or a generic Gucci bag but, in truth, it is our shared fashions that keep us united. I used to tell myself  that some of the girls I knew weren’t actually fashionable just because they could buy a trendy sweatshirt. But now I realise that things don’t become trendy for no reason, they are what the public choose them to be. No one is forced into wearing what everyone else is but it is people’s originality and different cultures that create trend. It doesn’t come out of nowhere. As Coco Chanel said, “If you want to be original, be ready to be copied.” And there was never anything more true said, because, at the end of the day, we all have originality and if people aren’t original then there is no inspiration or creativity, without which, there is no trend. We do copy and we are inspired by others who are different, but that doesn’t take away the fact that we are still unique and crazily fashionable when we want to be.

Of course, trend can tip the wrong way. What we don’t want are fashion clones who all dress and, eventually, think in the same way. When the media takes over, the pressure of social stereotypes get to us and the desperation to fit into our fast paced society can trap us. What we don’t see when we log on to our Instagram, is all the planning and calculating that goes into the posts we see. It’s a scary thought that all our obsessions are actually planned out for us  by companies and bloggers/ celebrities paid by companies posting on their Instagram; but the only thing that we can do is rise above it and see the positive impacts that trend has on our modern day society. Instead of letting trend take over you, let it enhance your originality.

 And I know it sounds cliché but trend can enhance your inner creativity. In the shops at the moment, we have prints and fabrics from Africa, colours inspired by the army and throwback fashions from the 80s and 90s! Trend has no limitations! Instead of feeling forced into only wearing what is supposedly ‘trending,’ use those different trends to express yourself in different ways. Every single fashion designer, no matter how pioneering they are, have used aspects from many different trends to create something new and different. Only the weak fall victim of trend, if you’re strong then trend can only be a positive thing! You may be a crazy fashionista, but wearing what’s trendy is not out of bounds to you; it doesn’t make you the same as everyone else because you wear what’s trendy.

What really gets to me, and this could be argued for either side, is how much we all care about whether something is trendy enough, or too trendy, or tipping out of fashion. If you are strong enough with your style and if you, personally, consider yourself creative and unique with what you wear, why should it matter if everyone else is wearing what you wear or if everyone else is not? This is quite a bad example, however we all fall victim to it, but it is crazy how quickly we consider our brand new, ‘amazing’ phones, useless and worthless. The iPhone 4 may have looked like the coolest thing five years ago, and now it is rubbish and worthless, even though it serves the same purpose as it did then. Now linking back to fashion (which is not quite as extreme as the phone example), we all have that one item of clothing that we loved five years ago which now seems so unfashionable. We might say that that is because we have grown in our ideas about style but, if you think about it, are we physiologically poisoned into disliking our favourite clothes just because they are what? Untrendy (or too trendy)?

But overall, as it stands, I don’t think trend is such a negative thing. And even if it was, it is a crucial part of our society that is never going to disappear. Trend can be poison but if you know how to look at it in the right way, it is your tool to be creative with your own style of fashion. Trend is what keeps us united, inspired, creative and, quite controversially, unique in every way.