Looks like Gigi Hadid isn’t going to be the only glamorous celeb with a new eye-wear range. Kylie Jenner is all set to launch her new line of sunnies with Quay Australia in less than a weeks time! Read all about it, here, on Fashion Espresso!

The four models of glasses; Iconic, Hidden Hills, Star Struck and Purple Honey, are all similar yet unique in every way. They all have that same futuristic feel about them which is really striking and very of the moment.

Iconic are a sports-wear inspired model of sunglasses. They feature oversized metal aviator frames with, what is described as, a mesh accent at the bridge. They have a flat lens that will be available in reflective and also non-reflective. The frames of the glasses will be available in a variety of different colours like black, white and a slightly rose gold colour. This glasses are incredibly simple and standard yet so cool and, I’m sure, not too hard to pull off.

Hidden Hills is definitely up there as one of my favourites as it is very different to a lot of other sunglasses and has such a fashionable presence. Basically, you could wear it with anything and people would still identify you as fashionable. As said in the description, the oversized shield frames are perfect for hiding your eyes but guaranteeing that all eyes are on you. Who doesn’t want that? These sunglasses are available in a non-reflective black lens or a reflective pink. Your choice! I’d say that the pink is a little more exciting but, don’t the black ones look so good on Kylie? To contrast, the glasses have metal studs and have plastic arms. I’m still not over it, they are just so cool!

Throwing it back to old Hollywood, we have Star Struck. These chic, cat eye sunnies have transparent matte frames (always a good option) and non-reflective lenses. There are three different colours available; olive, rose and grey (the grey have a brown lens). Just so glam!

And another one of my favourites, Purple Honey. These minimalist metal sunnies are as exotic as they come with their unique geometric shape and both reflective and non-reflective lenses. Prepare to look like a supermodel in this flawless accessory.  The lenses come in different colours; purple, yellow and a dark green and all come with a gold frame. As said in the description, they aren’t the finishing touch – they’re the power to elevate your whole look. I particularly like the purple reflective lens but the yellow will also just blow you away.