I promised it and it’s finally time I delivered – an exclusive review of the Kylie Cosmetics mini velvets from the Birthday Collection. Read all about the new fabulous editions to Kylie’s beauty empire, here, on Fashion Espresso.

The first purchase I’ve ever made with Kylie Cosmetics arrived this morning in beautiful pink box with a gorgeous pink note from Kylie Jenner. I thought what with the release of the Kylie turns 20 Birthday Collection and with the company on the right track to becoming a billion dollar brand, there was no better time to order my first beauty product from them. Although I have always found matte lipsticks so satisfying and beautiful, they’ve never really been for me because of how drying they are and how hard they are to correct. So when Kylie started releasing crème and velvet liquid lipsticks, I knew I had to get my hands on some to review for you all! I had heard that recently it hasn’t been quite so hard to order Kylie’s products as it had been previously but I cannot stress how much traffic she was getting to her site with the release of her new collection. The collection went live at 11pm (UK time) and I had already got to the checkout with my velvet minis by 11:01 and I was still directed to a waiting page due to unmanageable traffic to the site. Fortunately and obviously, I managed to make my purchase and I am so pleased with it!

The set I purchased included 6 shades of mini velvet liquid lipstick. The good thing about getting the minis (which are usually released with any special collection) is that, although you do not get any lip liner, you do get to try many different colours for a better price. The colours that I got with the Birthday Collection were (not any of Kylie’s usual shades) Surprise Me (a bright cerise colour slightly on the redder side), Commando (a dark nude colour), Sprinkle (a deep purple colour), Birthday Suit (a slightly lighter nude colour which I believe has been featured in a past collection), Party Girl (a very bright and slightly neon sizzling hot pink), and finally LA (a bright and fun peachy salmon colour). I don’t have a favourite shade but I can definitely say that Commando, Birthday Suit and LA are the most wearable for me and are probably the ones that I will get the most use out of.

Quite surprisingly, this set of minis is actually still available to buy on the Kylie Cosmetics official site. However, even if you’re not thinking of purchasing, you will probably still want to know about the texture of the velvets because, as Kylie implied on her new show (Life of Kylie), they are something that the brand are going to continue to expand on. To be honest, I think satin would be a better word to describe the texture. They appear to be quite long-lasting and durable, however, I have heard that the mattes last even longer. Despite what you may originally think, the velvets do sort of dry but are definitely not drying on the lips like most matte lipsticks are. Personally, I find that once applied and dried on the lips, the actual finish of the lipstick looks almost matte but feels one hundred times better. Not only that, but the colour intensity is just as good as the mattes and only requires one coat. So yeah, I would choose the velvets over the mattes. And, even though I’ve never tried a Kylie matte lipstick, I know what most matte lipsticks are like. And as for the velvets, which are very unique to Kylie Cosmetics, I love them. I would definitely recommend.

The Birthday Collection | Mini Kit Velvet Liquid Lipsticks

Here are some swatches that I did for you all…

And some photos I took of the packaging…