You’ve been hearing about it for months and it’s finally here! The Spring 2017, TommyXGigi Collection!  “A special collection co-designed by the king of East Coast classics and the queen of West Coast cool.” Read all about it here, on Fashion Espresso!

We’re all familiar with the glamorous Gigi Hadid, a strong minded, gorgeous supermodel with an outstanding work ethic. For a while now, she has been the face of the modern day fashion industry, but did we really realise how involved she could be until the release of TommyXGigi last year? The 21 year old superstar has proved to have quite an eye for style whilst helping to design her own collection with Tommy Hilfiger. Her collection in 2016 was a massive success, and now she has finally released her Spring ’17 Collection along with exclusive footage and backstage photos from the TommyXGigi fashion show. And I have to say, it is something to talk about.

The collection is bright and bold with a mix of an ‘urban cool’, ‘Californian beach vibe’ and what I think is a little bit ‘boho chic’. It is quite original but still very Hilfiger. The pieces included vary from cropped tank tops and pencil skirts, to bomber jackets, sandals, maxi dresses, bags, lingerie, jeans and so much more. Watching through the fashion show, I seem pick up that a lot of the pieces are very different yet everything seems to tie together so perfectly. In other words, you can tell they are all from one collection. I don’t know if this is the work of the runway organisers or the people who do the website or whether there is really something special about each piece that connects it to every other piece in the collection. This is something that so many collections lack but Tommy Hilfiger always seem to do quite well.


Of course, it is not too hard to spot a few common themes that seem to feature in  many pieces throughout the collection. Not all of the pieces follow these rules but every model who walked the runway was dressed with thought and consideration of how the outfit would link to another outfit. At first, as I watched Gigi walk onto the runway, modelling the same patterned cropped tank top that was featured in the advertisements, followed by her sister Bella Hadid modelling a different piece but with the same pattern, I thought that that particular pattern would be the theme of the collection. Clearly, I didn’t expect them to keep the same exact pattern throughout the whole body but I did think that they would keep the same bright coloured striped effect. To prove my theory right, the next few models who followed were also wearing outfits which included a similar patterned piece to the ones that the Hadid Sisters had previously modelled. However, as the show progressed, pieces that were not quite as bold and striped began to be incorporated and the original pattern that was used in the cover image of the collection, was featured less and less. Later in the fashion show, I started to notice that a lot of pastel shades were being used which was a real surprise after the bright, bold, colourful start to the event. These shades were often featured in long flowing skirts that were often paired with a simple crop or bikini top and an oversized bomber or denim jacket to keep the urban cool. But what linked a lot these pastels pieces to the bright and bold ones was the use of the USA flag and also the Tommy Hilfiger logo. Some pieces more subtly than others, but a lot of the fashion items found a way to include either the flag or the logo. As it is, both use the colours red, white and dark blue. Colours that were used frequently throughout the collection were of course, red, white and dark blue but also yellow, deep raspberry and a little bit of black. Whether these were used in a bright way or for a more faded effect, they were used to link the pieces together. Another thing that I noticed was the frequent use of denim. Every now and again you would find some jeans or a denim jacket to pull an outfit together. But what can you expect from Tommy Hilfiger; just because they are with Gigi, doesn’t mean they don’t live for jeans.

Gigi has taken on a very retro style and made it modern, cool but also quite beachy in her collab with Hilfiger. Whilst designing, she has clearly taken aspects from the place she grew up, Malibu, Los Angeles. Everything is fun, everything is cool. Some of the pieces you can just imagine people wearing on a Californian beach. But, at the same time, working with Tommy Hilfiger, she has the whole urban East Coast thing going on. The contrast is what makes the collection so special and unique. Their slogan “A special collection co-designed by the king of East Coast classics and the queen of West Coast cool,” is all about recognising that contrast because it is so important to the TommyXGigi collection. Scrolling through the collection, you get the sense it is very retro but none of it is from one particular era. It is all very preppy, all very ‘American school girl.’ The cropped polos, pencil skirts, canvas shoes, satchels and backpacks give a real ‘high school vibe.’ And the cropped tank tops, trainers, hoodies, sweatshirts, sports bras and cotton tote bags give a very sporty feel. But contrasting with this is a very ‘festival’ look. The embroidered  white shorts, the patchwork star sweatshirt and sandals create a look that is very ‘boho chic’ and drastically different from the sporty, high school look.  And if this wasn’t confusing enough, also incorporated in there is a high fashion ‘urban’ that is totally different from the high school look. A few geometric, brightly coloured dresses and scarves along with leather boots, a couple of gold watches and a pink leather saddle bag throw the collection in a whole different direction. You have to learn to look at it from all angles. There are so many different styles all fitted together to make one beautiful collection; of course everyone is going to have different opinions and find different connotations about it. It’s really a journalist’s dream come true. But what really matters is the amazing outfits and looks that can be made with all the pieces included in TommyXGigi which are by no way out of reach to the general public.

The fashion show was an amazing way to kick off fashion month, even though it was not in New York. People’s eyes were on the West Coast, as the TommyXGigi show departed to Venice Beach, California. They transformed the location into the Tommyland festival and Gigi invited many of her supermodel friends down to join her for the show. Her sister, Bella Hadid, was of course her number one choice, who modelled alongside Gigi and also the likes of Joan Smalls, Hailey Baldwin, Sara Sampaio, Alanna Arrington, Devon Windsor and so many more fantastic models. The front row was also full of celebrity guests like Lady Gaga, Kris Jenner and, Gigi’s brother, Anwar Hadid.Everyone was so happy to support Gigi in this big event. After becoming global ambassador for Tommy Hilfiger, creating her own collection was just the next giant step and to think that she has already released her second season is just outstanding! Gigi got off to an amazing start with Hilfiger. “The first time Gigi ever modelled for me, she sought me backstage after the show to thank me for using her. Do you know how rare that is?” says Tommy Hilfiger talking to Vogue Magazine, “A lot of models want badly to be cool . They walk down the runway with a  stone face because they think that is how to look glamorous. But Gigi has this energy. She has life!” And they have been working well together to this day as they ended the fashion show side by side, beaming and congratulating each other. “Gigi has always been the leader of our pack – organised, motivated and very serious about the thing’s she’s passionate about,” Bella Hadid describes her sister. “I’m so proud of you and all your accomplishments… you shut down Venice beach,” says Bella on her Instagram about Gigi’s success at the fashion show.