Rihanna’s dress to the Valerian Premiere really was one to turn heads. The global singing sensation, who recently starred in the new movie Valerian, hit the red carpet in a daring red dress which did not go unnoticed. Read all about it, here, on Fashion Espresso.

Most of us, aside from the fact that we would not have the money nor the right occasion, would not go near the dress that Rihanna wore yesterday. On the ordinary person, the dress would not have been classed as very flattering at all! But on Rihanna, it was a different story entirely. The gorgeous 29 year old wore the Giambattista Valli dress with pride and elegance, embracing the fact that the dress was far from… let’s say… steady.

Rihanna wore quite a few different dresses throughout the night but the red one was the highlight for sure. The dress, which had quite a minimal top half (I’m talking minimal in the quantity of fabric), went straight out at a diagonal from under the chest without going in at the waist. I know, very daring! A very different look to Cara Delevingue’s at the same event, which consisted of a black suit decorated with gems and sparkles at the top. Of course, like Rihanna, Cara had quite a few changes (which all had a rather sci-fi theme).