Yesterday, Chanel Couture swept everyone off their feet with their beautiful Fall/Winter show. The classic fashion brand transformed Paris’ Grand Palais into a Parisian inspired set, including a breath-taking replica of The Eiffel Tower, for their couture show. Stars such as Cara Delevingue, Katy Perry, Kristen Steward and many more sat in the front row of the show which, truly, was magical.

Over the years, Chanel have turned the classic venue into some amazing sets (one including a giant space-ship) but this one, with the model of the Paris’ most iconic landmark, was definitely a highlight. Not to mention, the beautiful pieces of fashion that went with it!

The looks from the show were all so elegant and beautifully designed. For the finale piece, there was what was practically a wedding dress, which was extremely eye-catching but also exactly like something out of a fairytale. There were also some other ball-gowns which I found all quite sinister yet beautifully striking. They looked exactly like something out of a ballet like Swan Lake – they were all just so theatrical and villainous. There were also some more fun looking pieces with pom poms and patterns on them but, a lot of the collection, looked very war time; like maybe what women used to wear during the blitz. The collection used a very non-vibrant colour palette of mainly greys and blacks. At the start of the show, there were many grey outfits but, by the end of it, there were many head to toe black ball-gown outfits before finishing the show with a piece of gorgeous white bridal wear. Aside from the white gown at the end, all the outfits in the collection were pulled together by them all being topped off with a boater hat in a variety of tweeds, satin and leather materials.

Despite the collection having a very somber colour feel, all the models in the show were made up with extravagant bright and rainbow coloured eyeshadow as a refreshing contrast to the dark and colourless clothing. The make-up was just so striking and beautiful, it looked right at home amongst the most fabulous pieces of haute couture around at the moment.

At the end of the show, Karl Lagerfeld was awarded one of the most honourable awards in Paris. The mayor of the city, Anne Hidalgo, awarded the designer with a Grand Vermeil medal, the highest distinction the city has to offer for his amazing work in the French capital.

What a show.

If you haven’t viewed the show or any of the looks from it, the link below will take you to the official site where you can watch the show, view the collection and have access to an exclusive interview with Karl Lagerfeld!