New York Fashion Week – it’s here again! What better way to celebrate that than a blog post dedicated to the Tom Ford Spring 2018 Ready to Wear Collection which just hit the runway? This season’s collection is super cool and current and you can view my top 5 favourite looks here, on Fashion Espresso!

Sorry I haven’t posted since I reviewed the mini velvets – do let me know if any of you have tried them. But now onto something a bit more haute… the Tom Ford show! In no particular order, here goes my top 5 favourite looks…

This is look, modelled by Amilna Estevao, is look no.6. Something about this whole outfit looks so smart classy yet fashion-forward at the same time. The blazer and matching trousers are a perfect for a fashionista work look and I can’t wait to see how the high-street shops imitate this.

Selena Forrest models look no.13 working that quadruple denim look which I am in love with. I particular liked all the denim looks featured in the show but this was my favourite because of how effortlessly glamorous it is and also because it is so achievable.

Look no.15 is modelled by Mayowa Nicholas. It’s so refreshing to see a pop of orange colour on quite a dull coloured runway. The orange material reminds me of a chair that I have in my house but this is definitely a coat that I would consider wearing if I saw a high-street version.

Gigi Hadid models a gorgeous pink dress in look no.30. The dress is beautiful and is topped off with an unusual pair of sequin sleeves.

The look below is look no.31 and it’s modelled by Kendall Jenner. I don’t know if it’s just Kendall but I think this dress is particularly elegant. It’s black, it’s classic but with a little bit of a futuristic touch on the sleeve which I don’t really know how to describe. Also, I am really loving the shoes – the perfect way to top off this look.