Hey everyone,
I’ve decided that it would be really cool to start making fashion and beauty edits, inspired by the ones in Cosmopolitan Magazine. Today, I decided to do a Natural Beauty Edit for you guys. Now that it is Summer I thought that everyone will be starting to use some more natural sun-kissed looking make-up so I thought that it would be really nice to do this. I included a mixture of natural looking make-up and also some standard beauty products that I think are really trending at the moment. There are a some cheap and some more expensive beauty products, so there is something for everyone! Just so you all know, I haven’t tried out everything included in the edit but it is just my opinion on what I think looks cool and what is hot right now. So please don’t blame me if you hate the product!
The link below in purple will take you to the edit. Feel free to share it on social media like pinterest and instagram.

Natural beauty edit