Shimmer your way through life with Mac’s new metallic lipsticks. For a bold and shimmery look, these are your sticks. Read all about them, here, on Fashion Espresso.

I wouldn’t really describe the metallic lipsticks as exactly metallic. They give more of a shimmery and sparkly sort of look. When I think of a metallic stick, I think of a really deep intense liquid sort of thing with a metal shining effect. These new sticks from Mac aren’t really like that, if I’m totally honest, but I think what they give is actually a little bit better. They are very futuristic and come in a range of 18 colours, some which are subtle but add shimmer and some which are daring and intense all with the same non-stick texture and a long-lasting sparkle. Included in the collection, you can also buy a pigment sparkle, available in 4 shades, to add even more intensity to the gorgeous glimmer.

The ‘Pearly One’ is probably the least dramatic of the 18 shades but is definitely one of my favourites. It is a pearly white but, don’t worry, it doesn’t actually make your lips look white but just gives them a snowy shimmer instead.

If you want something quite bold and sassy, try ‘Disobedient’. It is a dark warm purple/plum colour and is perfect if you like your lips to stand out. It is a lot less cold than most of the other shades but it still fits in perfectly amongst the other sticks in the collection.

For something ice cold and daring, ‘Royal Hour’ fits the criteria perfectly. It gives off a very regal look and takes a lot of confidence to wear but if you wear it right, it can be stunning.

‘Love’s a Gamble’ is also one of my favourites. It is such a warm gentle colour but the sparkle in the stick adds a lot of glitz and glam to it. It sort of reminds me of the colour of a peach.

‘Cold Frost’ is such a beautiful colour which I think was just made for the shimmering sparkle that this collection has. It reminds me of an ice-skating rink (I know, very summery of me!) which I think is really magical. I think it would look very good with the sliver pigment.

For a more classic copper metal colour, there is ‘Jupiter’. I think it is pretty easy to pull off but still contains the wow factor that you want wearing a metallic lipstick. The colour is quite neutral but of course, still has sparkle. To jazz it up a bit, make it less neutral, you could use the copper pigment.


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