Lifestyle bloggers. They’re everywhere! If you’re like me and you follow any, you will know what it is like to have your insta homepage filled up with matcha green tea lattes and sky view pictures of Brooklyn. It’s addictive and it’s kind of satisfying to scroll through the feed of your favourite lifestyle bloggers and just admire all the crisp, colour coded photographs of their perfect lives – all of which are pinterest worthy!

What makes a successful lifestyle blogger? The key is social media, but mainly instagram. No one really browses google in search for a good blog but they do browse insta. It doesn’t matter how good at writing you are, if you don’t know how to handle social media you are never going to succeed as a lifestyle blogger. Bloggers put a link to their website blog on their instagram bio. It is people seeing their instagram page that go and check out their actual blog, not the other way round. Also, without instagram and social media, bloggers (professional and amateur) can’t earn any money. They get paid per insta picture by companies wanting to advertise their products in a subtle way to create an instagram craze that only bloggers can make. Ever seen lifestyle bloggers post a picture of a table full of random objects? Well, now you know why they do it (aside from the fact it makes a totally tumblr photo). The Skinny Coffee Company  and Kylie Cosmetics are examples of companies that send their products to bloggers to have promoted, and it is not just mega established bloggers they send them too either!

And it was just the other day that it hit me, why are lifestyle bloggers so popular? The reason is that they advertise a glamorous lifestyle that is a lot more achievable to the normal person than the kind of lifestyle a celebrity might have. You have to admit, we all secretly wish we had the same gorgeous house and tropical holidays as Kylie Jenner, but, we know that – unless we win the lottery – that is never going to happen. However, lifestyle bloggers show us a new way of living that is almost as glamorous, but not quite as pricey and flashy as the life of a multi billionaire celeb. Lifestyle bloggers promote yoga, seasonal street-wear and peach iced tea. They are the gurus of the fashionable middle class.

I would like to share with you a couple of my current favourite fashion and lifestyle bloggers. I’m really into the pastel pink, white, grey and light brown suede themes that are popular in the instagram feeds and look-books of many lifestyle bloggers at the moment; so don’t be surprised to find that when you check out some of my recommended  bloggers.

My brand new favourite blogger has to be Alexandra Lloyd from LifeByLex. She focuses on showcasing totally fashionable outfits that are totally wearable in everyday life and also captures some totally tumblr photos of city life. She is charismatic and fun which is important because when you follow a blogger, you are not just looking for writing but for a person. She is based in the UK and has only been blogging for a year and a bit but she has already gained thousands of followers on instagram and has done many collaborations with trendy companies (eg. the Skinny Coffee Company, Heelberry, Casetify and so many more)! She always replies to comments her instagram pictures and has some warming posts on her blog that make you smile. She is genuinely a nice person and is, without a doubt, an amazing blogger!

Instagram: @alexandra.em

Blog Address:


Another one of my new favourite bloggers is Jay Hall. She is an instagram blogger, so she doesn’t have an actual website blog but she is amazing. She loves to take and star in photos and is always taking photos of fashion, her cat and food. She even cut her cat’s hair to look like a mini lion to make some cute photos. She is especially suited for people who like to look at photos of food because she posts some amazing photos of thickshakes, chai tea lattes, fancy salads and gourmet comfort food. She is based in Melbourne and has a follow count of over a thousand last time I checked on insta. She is always doing collaborations and posting  personalised discount codes on her instagram – so if you like discounts then I would check her out!

Instagram: @jaysstylefeed