If you’re like me and you love make-up, then you will feel my pain when all the coolest beauty products on the market are way out of the price-range. But does the price tag really represent the quality of the make-up or is it just meaningless hype? Read all about it, here, on Fashion Espresso.

Oh the perfect packaging, the satisfaction of setting out all your make-up – it’s a lot better when you’re collection is from one of the, let’s say… high-end make-up shops. Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth buying a designer lipstick just to look at it. But, quality wise, is all this expensive make-up actually any better than something from Maybelline or Rimmel?

To be honest, I don’t think there is a black or white answer. Obviously, there is probably one blusher under £10 somewhere in the world that is far better than a designer one but that doesn’t mean that the best blusher in the world isn’t expensive or that designer blushers aren’t usually very good. I think more than 9/10 times when you buy a piece of expensive make-up, it turns out to be very good quality. However, does this actually make it worth the price? Especially, seeing as there are probably lots of affordable similar products that are almost as good.

I was once told that it is worth investing in expensive skin make-up but the rest is totally fine to get from Boots or Superdrug. I understand this logic, because you want to make sure that the stuff you are rubbing into your skin is actually quality and, as for lipstick, if you have the colour, does it really matter? I have to disagree with this because, personally, I am more likely to buy an expensive lipstick or eye palette than a designer foundation. My first reason being that expensive foundation can end up being a huge a deal more pricey than your average expensive lipstick. If you take Chanel, you could end up spending hundreds on a foundation even though their lipsticks usually retail for around £26 and you’re more likely to use up your foundation first. I’ve never bought a foundation quite that high end but I did buy one from Too Faced which I still consider quite expensive. I have to tell you that it was my expensive Too Faced foundation that caused me to break out and feel irritated far more than any affordable foundation has ever made me. It’s quite funny actually that I did not throw away the foundation even when I decided that I would never use it again because that’s the thing about high-end make-up – it’s just too pretty!

Don’t have me as a designer make-up hater because, honestly, some of my favourite pieces of make-up are high-end. And, also, I am just as likely to fall victim to the hype that comes with brands like Huda Beauty, Anastasia Beverly Hills and Kylie Cosmetics as anyone else! In fact, just the other day, I ordered the velvet minis from the Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Collection and I don’t regret it (they haven’t actually arrived yet but I will be able to tell you if they are actually worth the hype in a later post). But now I’m going to defend those brands and say that there is an art to what they do. People say that make-up is an art and I agree, but I also think that there is a beauty in the way make-up is packaged and that should be appreciated too. There are some Instagram accounts that literally just post pictures of their makeup (not on their face but just their make-up collections) and they get thousands of likes because, I’m going to put this out there, people like to look at designer make-up – it’s an ornament as well as a tool. Have any of you seen the packaging to the make-up at Christian Loubotin (the one with the giant spikes)? It’s memorizing and, in my opinion, it counts as art. Also, for brands like Chanel and Dior, everyone knows that a lot of the time you don’t actually come to buy the product, you are buying the brand and the luxurious fashionable legacy that comes with it. Most people can’t afford couture but what they can afford is a designer lipstick and, there is nothing wrong with wanting to own that brand so, you know, lipstick it is.

So overall, I think that high-end make-up is usually (but not always) worth the hype it gets. However, I don’t want to be a make-up snob and I’m going to say that you can get soooo many good quality products for an affordable price too. The way I do it is buy most of my make-up from Superdrug or somewhere similar and then occasionally treat myself by getting something a bit more high-end. There are actually so many great affordable make-up brands at the moment, like Kiko or 3INA are the perfect affordable alternatives to somewhere like Mac. And I know it might seem like all the youtubers and bloggers only talk about the expensive stuff but recently a lot of them have been introducing some more affordable products into their posts and videos. For example, Simply Sona is a blogger and youtuber who recently did a feature called Drugstore Week on her youtube channel where she only featured affordable beauty products.

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