Hasn’t Gigi Hadid proved to be quite the designer? First, her collection with Tommy Hilfiger and now she has a own collection with Vogue Eyewear! Read all about it here, on Fashion Espresso!

It was announced in May that Gigi Hadid was to be the new brand ambassador  for Vogue Eyewear. Gigi really pulled it out the bag whilst designing her own eyewear collection with them and the launch party for it was just 4 days ago!

The eyewear collection is super original with a 90s feel about it and has four unique frames.

“I just wanted something that was timeless and shapes that I could wear everyday,” Gigi told to ELLE Magazine about her initial visions for the collection before the launch party. Personally, I think the collection reflects her vision perfectly. Every set of glasses makes a statement but in a way that you could still wear them on a daily basis. This is so hard to achieve but she definitely got it spot on! On the Vogue Eyewear instagram feed, Gigi is modelling the collection. The shoots really reflect the fact that the glasses can be worn whenever and that they are fuss free. In the shots, Gigi is doing everyday activities like hanging out in the garden, baking a cake and eating it, having her hair up in a towel wrap and (this would be normal if you lived in the countryside) grooming a horse. The glasses fit the shots perfectly and do not look out of place in any of the normal activities that she is carrying out.

What I love most about the collection is the fact that every single piece of eyewear can pull an entire outfit together. Whilst modelling the collection, Gigi is wearing quite ordinary clothes but it is her glasses that make the look special. However, the glasses do not attract unwanted attention, but blend in with whatever you’re wearing just fine. It is a real achievement to get the perfect balance, just like Gigi has with Vogue Eyewear.

To the launch party, Gigi wore a pair of metallic pink trousers and a matching jacket paired with some red tinted glasses which are part of the collection. I have to admit, I absolutely love colour tinted glasses. I think the collection has the tinted glasses available in a variety of different colours. My first thought when I saw her wearing those glasses was ‘Wow, they look cool!’ It kind of makes you wish that you had bad eyesight just so you can wear them!

The glasses are going on sale for $140 each. Check out the video for the collection below…