Have you seen the looks from Karl Lagerfeld’s Fendi Haute Fourrure Show? View all the highlights, here on Fashion Espresso!

Paris Couture Week. So much to blog about, so little time. Yesterday, I wrote about the Chanel show and now I thought I’d do a little bit on Fendi. It was really the place to be with all the supermodels like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid walking the runway, with the special collection by Karl Lagerfeld, probably the most influential man in fashion, on Haute Fourrure (meaning high fur).

Like the Chanel collection, there are many pom poms included in the pieces, all exciting and fun! But in contrary to Chanel’s somber colours, the collection is incredibly colourful and bright. It’s kind of refreshing. Being Haute Fourrure, practically all the pieces include some fur (I’m not sure if it’s real fur or not) whether it’s a coat, fur embroidery or just some fur pom poms.

My favourite outfit is the beautiful blue one that Bella Hadid modelled. The gorgeous blue colour was just so flattering on Bella but, although we can all take some colour inspo, the see-through dress may not flatter us all! So maybe it was just Bella that made the dress so special but, I have to say, the embroidery on it is just priceless. Another look that I really liked was look no.19, a beautiful floral dress with a black and red belt. Although, I’m not sure it’s very suited for winter! But I do give credit to them on the whole, most of the pieces are very suitable for winter, what with all the blazers, fur coats and a couple of ponchos, but still kept the colourful floral fun that summer has.