Oh, the glamour of Italy! The sophisticated attire that Italian fashion brings to the table. What could be a better combination than our favourite supermodel and style icon, Bella Hadid and a trip to Venice?

Everything about this look is just so classy and beautiful. The white floor length dress is probably one of the most elegant pieces of couture that I have ever seen. Put together with a choker and a dark red lip, it creates a look that cuts across trend to make a look that is traditional and classy. This is what Venice can do to a girl (especially if you’re a Hadid)!

Let’s talk about hair, shall we? We’re all very familiar with Bella’s hairstylist, the amazingly talented Jenatkin. Bella once said on her instagram that she is sure that Jenatkin does her hair in her dreams too! Bella’s hair in this is just priceless. It is the picture of sophistication. It is just so classy and so very Italian. Maybe we should go Venice a little more often? Especially if it means attending the Bulgari party and getting our hair done like this… oh wait, that’s just for Bella.

But anyway, don’t despair. If you ever find the occasion to dress up like Bella, there are more affordable ways to create a similar, probably not quite as good, but still similar look.

This dress from Sheln is only £21.62. It doesn’t have the same slit up the leg as Bella’s and obviously, it’s not as dressy and sophisticated but maybe it’s not such a bad thing that this dress is more casual. It means it is more wearable! If you’re thinking of taking a trip to Italy (or if you just want to wear something glamorous at home) then I would consider this dress.

This faux pearl choker from Missguided is only £12. It is quite different to Bella’s but I really like it and it clearly has the same sort of feel about it. Also, it’s really wearable and could be worn with a ball gown in Venice but could also be worn for a day out with friends.

This dark red lipstick from Nars is such a classy colour. It’s £21, which is not exactly cheap for a lipstick, but it is still affordable. The colour is almost identical to Bella’s and it is just such a sophisticated shade! It could be worn in Italy but, you know, it could be worn anywhere.