It’s so hard to think of our furry friends when it comes down to lipstick and a good blush. But, in 2017, you’d be surprised at just how many vegan delights the beauty world has to offer. So, I’ve spent a bit of time browsing the internet and I’ve come up with a selection of cruelty-free vegan beauty products to publish on the blog. Discover beauty the vegan way, here, on Fashion Espresso.

It might sound a little bit out there but using vegan make-up has never been easier with the quality selection that I’ve found online. I haven’t tested any of the products but they are just a selection of interesting quality products that I’ve seen around. All of them have very good reviews/ratings so I’m assuming that there will be no problems with them. Enjoy…

I was told that vegan lipsticks were quite hard to find due to a key ingredient used as some sort of glue. However, I did manage to find a luxury lipstick brand which is all natural, organic and vegan. Axiology has wide range of beautiful lipstick shades from neutral to classic to some slightly unusual colours like blue and lilac. They also do a peppermint orange lip balm, also vegan! The classic style lipsticks are $30, the pencil style ones are $26 and the lip balms are $3,50.


Hourglass is another cruelty-free, vegan make-up brand. I’ve never used any of its products before but, I have to admit, it looks amazing – especially the bronzers and blushes! They do a large range of different products but if I’m going to pick out a few, I’ll choose the seamless finish foundation stick ($46), the strobe lighting blush ($38), the arch brow sculpting pencil ($34) and the extreme sheen high shine glosses ($28 each). If you’re looking for vegan brushes, they do them too ($36 – $65).


And now I’m moving on to one of the coolest looking nail brands I’ve seen, which just happens to also be vegan! Not only is the brand Nailberry vegan but it is also supposed to be a lot healthier for your nails than the ordinary nail polish and is described to be breathable. I am just in love with the unique beautiful colours of nail polish and the gorgeous looking packaging. The prices of the nail polish ranges from between £14,50 and £19. It is hard to just choose a few colours to feature in this post as there are so many amazing shades to choose from.

We are all familiar with the brand Anastasia Beverly Hills and I’m sure a lot of you make-up fans hold it close to your hearts. Unfortunately, the brand is not completely vegan but is classed as cruelty free and does have quite a large selection of vegan products. You’d actually be surprised at how many of your favourite Anastasia products are actually vegan. When you shop on the Anastasia Beverly Hills website, when you click on a product, it will let you now underneath it whether it is vegan with the word ‘vegan’ in bold letters. I’m going to pick out a few of the many amazing products which are vegan; Moonchild Glow Kit ($40), Mini Summer Lip-gloss Set ($20), Illuminators ($28), Dipbrow Pomade ($18). If there is another product that you are eyeing up, it is definitely worth checking if it’s vegan as it very well might be.


Too Faced is also a brand which is not entirely vegan but does have quite a lot of vegan products. One example would be the Melted Liquefied Long-wear Lipsticks (£21 each) which I happen to love so much!

Hope you enjoyed this post!