The 70 Years House of Dior Exhibition was just a few days ago, and although with all the Paris Couture news I cannot find time to write about it in full, I decided to post some of my favourite celebrity looks at the exhibition. View them here, on Fashion Espresso!

Of course, Bella’s fabulous outfit has to be up there. It is just so elegant and classic, iconic Dior. The glasses also really help to add the cherry on the top of a beautiful fashion statement. Can I be Dior ambassador please? I could definitely do this all day…

Umm, hello? How does Cara Delevingue still looks so glamorous and feminine with a shaved head? Can I do that? Her outfit is just so simple but it looks amazing on her. I’m also loving the choker – Dior does them so well!

Isn’t this dress so beautiful? That is definitely the right word – beautiful. I love the top half and the embroidery on the skirt of the dress is just gorgeous. Jennifer Lawrence wears it so well!

Other celebrities at the event include Karlie Kloss, Gemma Arterton and many more.