Tired of always having scruffy natural nails that never deserve your attention?  Ever feel like the only way to glam them up is to put on falsies? Well, you’re wrong! I’ve come up with 5 ways to glam up your nails without wearing falsies. Read all about it, here, on Fashion Espresso!

1. Metallic/Magentic Nail Polish

There’s nothing like a good nail colour to make your nails look stylish. Metallic colours are really great because it’s actually trendy when they chip! So if you were worrying out chipping them doing house-chores, don’t because it’s super in right now! But what makes normal metallic nail colour different to the magnetic ones? Normal metallic is just a metallic shiny nail colour, like the shiny dark blue colour from Models Own that I’m wearing whilst typing this! Magnetic metallic actually involves a magnet. You paint your nails with the ordinary looking metallic colour that comes in the magnetic nail bottle, but once you are happy with the number of coats, you hover the magnet (that is usually on the lid of the bottle) over your nails to form a beautiful (sometimes glittery) pattern! What’s not to love?

2. French Manicure/ Nude Colours

If you prefer your nails to look natural but you can’t stand to look at you right bare nails right now, you could try a technique like a French manicure or a nice cool or warm nude colour. For a French manicure you should use a white nail polish and a nail stencil (or just tape) to colour in the top part of your nail. If this is a bit too fiddly for you, you could try a French manicure pen like the one my sister has from Kiko. It’s really easy to use and gives you a lot more control than the polish and stencil method. Once this has dried, you should use a translucent nude coloured top coat to make your natural nail colour look more rich and healthy. If a French manicure is a bit too much effort, you could just use a nice opaque nude colour to paint your nails with. I had a nice purplely nude from O.P.I and I also have a really nice warm nude from Essie that I wear all the time! A nice nude colour is definitely worth investing in!

3. Matte Nail Paint

Matte nails have been the thing for a long time now. The other day, I was watching Kylie Jenner’s snapchat as she revealed her Birthday Collection and she had these gorgeous square pink matte nails that I just fell in love with. Of course, they were fake, but what many people forget about is how easy it is to achieve the same look with a bit of nail paint. Personally, I would never consider getting matte falsies when it is so easy to just paint my own nails with matte nail paint. If you don’t want to splurge, you can get good value matte nail paint from Topshop that I think looks pretty good! They have a range of beautiful colours so you will be spoilt for choice. It is the perfect way to glam up your nails!

4. Glitter!

I know it sounds childish but you’ve got to love glitter! There is no easier way to give your nails a bit of glam. The easiest way to add glitter to your nails is just a nail paint (whether it is clear or coloured) that contains a bit of glitter/sparkle. You can just paint this straight on to your nail or over another colour. The only thing I would say is that it can be difficult to remove (although not impossible)! You can also just buy nail sparkle/glitter dry pigment that you can sprinkle over wet nails and finish with a clear coat to conceal. Both work beautifully but the first option is a little less hassle!

5. White Nail Polish

For a look that is bold but is easier than you’d think to pull off, you can use white nail polish. It’s so easy to buy, whether you want it matte or glossy! It’s really crucial to get good quality white though because otherwise it can end up looking like you’ve put tip ex on your nail which is not a good look! There really is no need for falsies when there is white nail paint available in so many places!

So there was my 5 ways to glam up your nails! I hope you are still enjoying reading Fashion Espresso. Feel free to leave any comments or contact me using the email on the contact page. Also, remember to follow me on Instagram @fashion.espresso for extra content! If you are a brand, I just want to let you know that I am open to collaborations so just send me an email (on the contact page) if you are interested in working together!