We’re heading into August so if you haven’t got your summer wardrobe sorted yet, I would suggest that you do pretty soon! It’s always good to have some basic staple pieces in the back of your closet so I have come up with 5 Summer Basic Must-Haves for you to add to your collection if you haven’t already! Discover them here, on Fashion Espresso!

So my first summer absolutely MUST have is denim shorts. This is not a suggestion, its a requirement… (just kidding, but it is important!) The denim shorts that I bought recently and happen to absolutely love are from Miss Selfridge and are MOM shorts which are really nice because they are not too restricted and are quite free and flowing like all summer clothing should be. I wore them around Disneyland and had no problem with them style or comfort wise.

£28, Miss Selfridge



Okay, so for number two I think it is pretty essential to have a nice jumpsuit. I’m really into nautical and gingham ones but the one I have, which is also really nice, is embroidery which has suddenly become really trendy this year. Unfortunately for you guys, the one that I have is not sold any more but I will attach a link to a nice gingham one that is on sale in New Look for only £9 (it looks like a jumpsuit dress but it’s actually shorts).

£9, New Look (on sale)



So, at number three, we have the sun hat. I got mine so many years ago that I don’t even remember where it was from but I really wanted to point out to you guys a particular type of sun hat that has been trending so much amongst bloggers at the moment. I actually forgot the name of the brand who does this type of hat so I have spent literally ages searching for it for you. Unfortunately, I had no luck; it’s so funny that I had been seeing it around on like every insta page but when I come to look for it, nope nothing. However, it is possible to get lots of cheap replicas on Amazon of this ‘do not disturb hat’ so… yeah.

£7.63, Amazon



At number four, I’m assuming you all own at least one pair of sandals (I’m really hoping so) but, just so you know flip flops don’t count as sandals and, even if you do own a good pair, do they really capture that summer spirit? My vote this year goes towards embroidery and/or beads on sandals. It just gives them that carefree summer vibe, you know? I couldn’t believe my luck when I found some good quality super fashionable  genuine leather beaded sandals at Primark of all places for less than £10! I love them so much and I was once even stopped by a random lady in a shopping centre so that she could tell me that she loved my sandals too! When looking for the sandals online to show to you, I searched the Primark website to find that, to may dismay, although I only got them this year they had already been taken out of stock! Luckily, whilst searching the website, I found some other nice (almost flat) sandals that are only £14 and equally fashionable even though they do not have beads or embroidery. Now you have no excuse to not be able to afford a nice pair of sandals.

£14, Primark



And last but not least, I’m moving into the jewellery sector with the perfect pair of hoop earrings. If you don’t have a pair already, you should know that, big or small, a pair of good hoops is an absolute fashion essential. I got my first pair (which are quite small) on holiday in Spain, my second pair from Accessorize which are rose gold with little faux diamonds on, my smallest pair from Brandy Melville and I don’t really remember where my medium sized most regular pair are from! So, that’s my hoop earring history – it’s time to start your own (I know, I’m really funny)! If you want a pretty small plain pair, Brandy Melville is definitely a good place but if you want to get a nice large pair for summer I found a nice basic pair of oversized hoops from Urban Outfitters which I think are so cool!

£4, Brandy Melville


 £12, Urban Outfitters



So that’s my 5 Basic Summer Must-Haves! I hope you enjoyed this post and I really want to encourage you to get in touch via email ( contactfashionespresso@gmail.com ) or leave a comment on anything you like because I guarantee I will find time to respond to your feedback. Also, if you haven’t already please follow Fashion Espresso on instagram @fashion.espresso

Thank you! See you next time on Fashion Espresso!